Welcome to the home of projective coaching - it's wonderful to see you.

I'll guess that you either want to know what projective coaching is, or you already know what it is and you want more ideas for how to integrate it into your coaching practice. Either way, you're in exactly the right place.

I'm Peter Freeth, and until someone tells me otherwise, I'm the creator of a field of coaching technology known as projective coaching. It's a field that I have been studying, developing and teaching for almost 20 years.

Projective psychology has been around for more than a hundred years. The idea is very simple; since the world as you know it is a subjective creation of your own making, when you're presented with a blank canvas, you'll automatically fill it with a self-portrait.

You could take this in a literal, artistic sense, and you can also delve a little deeper and understand that when you look out onto the world, you're also looking into yourself.

Projective techniques take many forms and can be used to start conversations, reveal hidden depths and open up whole new directions for your work as a coach.

Why not poke around and see for yourself?

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